2020 MECA Conference Evaluation

February 19-21, 2020

Please rate each of the following on a scale from 5 to 1 with 5 being the best rating and 1 being the worst rating.

Overall rating of the concurrent sessions I attended 
Overall rating of the BYOD sessions I attended 
Presenters attitudes & knowledge 
Overall satisfaction with Conference Content
Keynote speaker
Quality of MECA Provided Food & Beverages

Length of Conference
   1 = Too Short
   3 = Perfect
   5 = Too Long

CEU/SEMI process 
Quality of the JCC Venue
Conference registration process 
Door prizes 
Quality and helpfulness of vendors/exhibitors
Hotel room accommodations
Hotel reservation process
Helpfulness of MECA board members 
Usefulness of MECA web site in preparing for the conference
Usefulness of QR code on badge
Usefulness of the MECA App
Overall rating of conference 

Please answer YES or NO for the following.           

I would recommend MECA to colleagues.
I visited exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall.
I used MECA Facebook before or during the conference.  
I used MECA Twitter before or during the conference.
I used the MECA Conference App EXCLUSIVELY for conference information. 
I used the MECA Conference App as well as the ONLINE Program. 
I printed the MECA Program to use at the conference. 
I attended the Mardi Gras Party. 
I would like for an event similar to the Mardi Gras party to become an annual event. 
I prefer a plated lunch rather than box lunch. 
I plan to attend MECA Next Year. 

Please Rank the following in order of importance to you in your decision to attend MECA

(4 = Highest 1 = Lowest)


In which hotel did you stay during the conference

Please feel free to make comments on the following:

If you rated any of the items with a 3 or lower, please indicate your reasons and what MECA can do to improve this score.


Please comment on the quality and selection of food provided by MECA.


Please list the names of anyone you would suggest for future keynote speakers.


Please list the name of any presenters you heard this year who you believe should be considered as Spotlight presenters next year.


If there were one or two people that stood out, please mention them below. (These could be presenters, speakers, and/or board members that might have helped you personally OR which made a positive impact on your attitude to take technology back to your classroom)


Please list any comments that would be helpful as we plan for MECA next year.


Please comment on any issue you may have encountered, good or bad, that you believe the MECA Board should be aware.